Downs with Love



They told me that I should have told them I have Downs.

Why? What difference does that make?”

 “Downs With Love” explores the subject of love and disability and challenges us to consider what we view to be “acceptable”. Can we accept seeing a couple – one of whom has Down’s and the other does not? Do we understand the complexities and issues surrounding love and disability? The play has been written around the performers and especially with Abi Brydon, the central actor. Cutting Edge Theatre have worked with Abi, taking her own feelings, challenges and experiences growing up with Down’s and creating a very real, moving performance around her.

“Downs With Love” tells the story of Beth, a young girl who has Down’s Syndrome. She lives a very independent life, has her routines and lives simply but happily. She is helped by a new support worker, Tracy and they soon strike up a friendship. On a Friday night, she goes to the pub to watch Mark, a local singer. Beth loves Mark but the problem is – Mark loves Tracy who loves both of them. Complex and challenging issues arise for all.

Abi is one of the students at the INSPIRE project in Fife run by Katie Milne. INSPIRE uses Drama to help people who have additional support needs to become more confident, increase their self-esteem and improve their vocal abilities – all to help them be more confident in society.

Cutting Edge Theatre will be touring this play Spring 2018. Watch news for Touring Dates and Venues.