Inspire is designed to work with people who have additional support needs from Primary School age to Adults. In 2016, we were delighted to expand our work by creating a new production called “Downs with Love” which was produced in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with great press and audience reviews. This production will be developed in the future.

We also work with other Theatre companies, bringing workshops to participants as well as taking them to Theatre productions. In the past year, we have welcomed the UK cast of “Stomp” and taken the Fife group to see “Shrek, the musical” at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

“Inspire” works in two main areas and uses the creative arts as the “tool”:

  • Confidence and self-esteem work through exercises and “performances”
  • Vocal skills

The programme is divided into 4 streams:

  1. Primary School ages. Young people who have learning disabilities can need help with confidence issues, presentation skills and vocal skills – all of which are designed to help them be more confident as they begin their growing up.
  2. Secondary School.Exercises in confidence, life skills, voice skills and preparation for work/college and adulthood.
  3. Tertiary Education.Continuing exercises in confidence, life skills, voice skills and preparation for work and adulthood
  4. Adults.Encouraging confidence and support. We also employ participants as Workshop Assistants.

We believe that EVERYONE has something to offer and INSPIRE is a great programme, helping people realise their potential.