Passion Plays

IMG_0205 last supper Jesus and Disciples Jesus and disciples 2 Gethsemane

Cutting Edge produces Passion Plays, mainly as site specific productions both in the UK and overseas. We also mentor others in producing the plays in their own towns and cities. We are also connected to The Passion Trust who encourage communities in the UK to be able to stage their own plays –

“The Glasgow Passion” was a new and modern interpretation of the story of Jesus and staged in George Square. Written by one of Scotland’s top playwrights, Rob Drummond, this play was commissioned by Cutting Edge Theatre in 2011.

Featuring a cast of both professionals and community actors, the play was performed to Schools in the afternoon and to a large audience of 2000 in the evening.

Based on the success of this play, Cutting Edge then commissioned Rob to write a modern interpretation of the Christmas story, resulting in The Edinburgh Nativity being performed in Festival Square, Edinburgh.

The modern Glasgow Passion was also then rewritten by Rob for Edinburgh’s Easter Play, set against the dramatic backdrop of the Castle in Princes Street Gardens.

We continue to look at different ways to tell this age old story which still challenges us today.