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Inspired by the sacrifice of many thousands indeed millions of men and women over the years through war and the fact that we continue to send people in to situations of warfare, we wanted to examine the futility of war through specific time periods.

“11” tells the stories of a number of different characters – we see the First World War through a young soldiers eyes; the Second World War in Glasgow through the eyes of children and in Auschwitz through the eyes of a young woman; modern warfare through the eyes of a young couple displaced from their home and country. The stories weave in an out of the different time periods, challenging us to ask if we have learnt anything over the years.

“11”  – written by Ian Hammond Brown and Suzanne Lofthus, was produced for the Fringe 2011 and has since been developed further. This musical for a cast of 6 is available for production, contact us for more details.

It seeks to make a statement that we can all make a difference whether that is standing up to a bully in the workplace or marching for an end to poverty through the streets.

If we stand up, we can make a difference!