Brazil Prison Passion


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As part of our ongoing work in prisons here and overseas, we produced this Passion Play in 2014.

Suzanne and Katie Milne initially worked in a number of favelas in Belo Horizonte, 2013 to determine the best place to set the play and then were invited to produce it one of the local prisons which Suzanne undertook at year later.

The prison is a fairly new, more modern prison which recognises the importance of education and rehabilitation rather than punishment.

It was a challenging project and we mentored two young Brazilians, teaching them how to direct and set up such a play.

The men were all Brazilians, serving sentences of up to 30 years and it was amazing to see the transformations in them as their confidence increased and their smiles at the end of the play when they received applause and certificates made the challenges all worth while!