Blude Red


Blude Red Blude Red - Robert Irons and Heather Panton Blude Red - Dominic Gray cast eicc

Set in the 17th century, “Blude Red” is a musical telling the stories of real life ordinary men and women who were prepared to sacrifice their homes, families and lives for their cause.

It is a period in our history known as the “Killing Times” and even today not many people have even heard about the Covenanters. A time of turmoil and yet a time that produced incredible stories of perseverance and strength. It is a passionate retelling of their lives told through the characters on the streets and farms of Scotland to the Court of King Charles II.

“Blude Red” tells the stories of the Covenanters and we see their story through the lives of two couples – John and Isabel Brown who struggle to reconcile their beliefs in a time of unrest and increasing religious persecution; Meg and Campbell the young couple who find themselves on opposing sides. The characters are faced with dilemmas that will challenge even their beliefs as they struggle to make the right decisions for themselves and for their country.

Written by Ian Hammond Brown and Suzanne Lofthus, we have produced this large scale musical several times in development and continue to work on it. We have lately been working with a Broadway Dramaturg and will be working on rewrites in 2017.