This project uses drama techniques to help marginalised young people develop confidence, improve self-esteem, develop employability skills, develop leadership training and opportunities and creates volunteer initiatives that build and strengthen communities.

The programme starts with producing a "talent" show where the young people not only showcase their talent but are mentored and involved in producing the show in their community so they learn practical skills at the same time as performing.

The young people then have the option to become part of a youth theatre where they learn skills that are designed to improve their confidence and self-esteem through drama developmental play.

They can then take part in a part time course where they learn job interview skills, social skills, leadership skills and other skills through drama exercises and also we will work with Business leaders and others to deliver this course. Successful participants then have the possibility to apply for placements in local businesses and we hope then will be able to move onto employment.

The project is based on several existing projects - one in New York called Allstars which has been successfully running since 1992 and the El Sistema project in Venezuela. The aim is to help young people who are marginalised either because of poverty or disability gain confidence, self-esteem, social skills, improve employability prospects all through using drama techniques.

We have been working in local communities for 18 years, specialising in Community Theatre where the process of producing large scale plays with volunteers and professionals is as important as the end product.

We have run drama projects in marginalised areas both in Scotland and abroad, all specifically designed to help people realise their potential.

We aim to create confident individuals who will have increased their chances of employment and hopefully also will be employed! We will also look to create volunteer and placement/employment opportunities within Cutting Edge Theatre and other creative companies.

The long term benefit will be to break the cycle of despair in communities where young people see a lot of deprivation and abuse and come to expect that as being "normal" - we want to show them that there are other opportunities and ways to live. We would aim to see unemployment and crime rates, substance abuse fall in those areas.

One area we set up a youth theatre in saw a 90% decrease in anti-social orders handed out and it was credited to the work of the youth theatre.



Watch this space for news on productions!

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