This is a new programme run by Cutting Edge Theatre and is designed to work with people who have additional support needs from Primary School age to Adults.

Rather than aim to work on productions, “Inspire” will work on two main areas and use the creative arts as the “tool”:

  • Confidence and self-esteem work through exercises and “performances”
  • Vocal skills

The programme is divided into 4 streams:

  1. Primary School ages. Young people who have learning disabilities can need help with confidence issues, presentation skills and vocal skills – all of which are designed to help them be more confident as they begin their growing up. We will never manage to stop bullying but by helping them be more confident, we can give the young people important life skills to help them cope.
  2. Secondary School. Exercises in confidence, life skills, voice skills and preparation for work/college and adulthood.
  3. Tertiary Education. Continuing exercises in confidence, life skills, voice skills and preparation for work and adulthood
  4. Adults. Encouraging confidence and support. We may also look to create some kind of apprenticeship where young people and adults could be employed to work on “Inspire” as workshop leaders; administrative posts etc.
  • Whilst “Inspire” is not performance focussed, it can include performances at some levels and at some times but there will not be a pressure to aim for an end product.
  • “Inspire” is not Dramatherapy but can refer to qualified therapists in Scotland
  • “Inspire” is not Speech therapy but can refer to qualified therapists

There is an Edinburgh base where people can come for weekly sessions and a team of Drama Tutors who go out to other areas and take sessions in Schools or other centres, ensuring that the work is Scotland wide. Drama tutors can also be trained in “Inspire” work at the Edinburgh base.
We already have a Community Theatre group and would be aiming to create a totally inclusive company.  We believe that EVERYONE has something to offer.



Watch this space for news on productions!

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