flingBook by Suzanne Lofthus
Music and Lyrics by Ian Hammond Brown

"Fling!" - a Romantic Romp in the Highlands! This is a new musical which was entered into the Sir Cameron Mackintosh / Eden Court Theatre Highland Quest to find a new Scottish musical. We were delighted that the production made it through to the semi-final of 10 musicals.

DEMO RECORDINGS (Windows media format)

Loving Her


The Way to Win a Womans Heart

Life is a Song


The curtain opens with the mist curling through the set. As it clears, the set is shown to be a curious mix of old and new. There is a cottage [or part of a cottage], broken down walls and some modern looking scenery. Eclectic indeed! Nobody should be able to guess which time period we are in initially.

A girl dressed in 18th century Tartan dress comes flouncing in - Ailsa. She looks just like she has stepped off of a shortbread tin image of Scotland. She sings about her life “Where I Belong”. The song gives the audience the impression that we are about to see another “Brigadoon” type musical until half way through the song, Paisley appears. She is a modern girl and a Tour Rep leading a group of Japanese tourists [imaginary] on a bus. She too sings “Where I belong” but questioning all that is going on in her life.

Tony enters – he is an American and looks like he comes from the 1950’s. He is every hero you could dream of. He presents himself as God’s gift to mankind [especially womankind!] in “Here I am!”. He finds Ailsa and they sing of their relationship which to him, is perfect but to Ailsa, it is dying on its feet! “Together”

Kyle enters, he is Paisley’s boyfriend – he is working on a speech for Parliament. He is a speech writer. Paisley enters, fed up with her lot in life. Kyle is not interested in how things are for her but consumed with his own ambition. She sings of her hopes “I had such Dreams”

The 2 couples have identical scenes where they decide what to do that day but the roles are reversed in each couple. Kyle and Paisley have an argument and she walks out on him

Ailsa is being actively chased by Tony and getting fed up avoiding him. This is interspersed with Kyle on the phone with his boss and on the mobile to Paisley. Kyle decides to kill two birds with one stone and take Paisley away for a weekend. They have a mixed telephone call with Kyle, Paisley and Kyle’s boss all on the phone at the same time “Maybe Something More”

The four characters then sing of their true feelings “Time to Move on”

Kyle picks Paisley up to go away for the weekend. Ailsa is still being pursued by Tony – reprise of “Where I belong”. Tony bounds in, bursting into song “Life is a Song” . Ailsa despairs of a life with endless optimism! Kyle and Paisley appear on the hill now lost in the Highlands. They are arguing “Choices”. Ailsa has had enough of Tony even though he tries to persuade her by his song and dance routines. She walks away from him and he has a Dream Sequence Dance where he dreams of his ideal woman. Suddenly the mist closes in on all four and as it clears, Paisley and Kyle are faced with the vision coming out from the mist of Ailsa and Tony. It’s like something out of….

Act Two opens with the identical situation – in one look they fall instantly in love with each other! Tony takes Paisley off to one side and begins to chat her up and Ailsa grabs Kyle and does likewise. Suddenly sense breaks through to Kyle and Paisley and they confront each other. Kyle stomps off pursued now by Ailsa and Paisley stomps off pursued by Tony. The four sing of their new thoughts “Lost”.

Kyle enters and is followed by Ailsa who carries on the flirting. Tony enters looking for Paisley and agrees to wait for her whilst Ailsa takes Kyle away. Tony sings of his general love of women “Women!”. Paisley enters, she has fallen in a stream and is dishevelled and fed up. Tony begins to woo her in his inimitable style – reprise of “Here I am!”. Paisley has had her fill of men by this time “Men!” Tony joins in with reprise of “Women!” as he continues his pursuit of her. She begins to warm to this chivalrous approach when Kyle enters and sees them. He accuses her of flirting even though he has been doing just the same! Paisley exits and so Ailsa goes after her.

The men are left alone onstage like fighters in a ring eying up each other. Tony decides to give Kyle some advice on how to handle women “The Way to Win a Women’s Heart”. Kyle counters it by giving Tony advice from a modern man’s perspective. The girls enter with Ailsa giving Paisley advice on men and Paisley counters it by giving advice from a modern woman’s perspective. The four sing together. Kyle realises that he can’t imagine life without Paisley “Loving Her” . Ailsa tells Paisley what Tony really expects in a wife [this is done from a 1950’s viewpoint!] “A Good Wife”. The girls hatch a plot

The roles are reversed. Tony enters looking for Paisley and finds her but she has put on Ailsa’s clothes and is acting out the 1950’s wife as in the song. Tony freaks out! Kyle enters and sees this going on and assumes Paisley wants Tony. He releases her if that is what she wants “I’ll Close my Eyes”

Tony enters and finds Ailsa now dressed in Paisley’s modern clothes. He wants to go back to the way they were but she has moved on. Kyle enters and tells Tony about the plans to build a designer village on that site. They all try to persuade him to change the plans by reminding him of what matters in Scotland “Freedom Costs”

SCENE FIVE - Kyle has gone back and addresses Parliament

Kyle returns to the Highlands – he has been unsuccessful but Tony reminds them that life can be like the movies. He clicks his fingers and the scene is replayed but this time with a happy ending! The four sing of their experience “Fling!”. The mist closes in and as Kyle/Paisley try to find their way out, a strange female voice is heard discovering them in the mist and wondering where they have come from and why they are wearing strange clothes! Does it all begin again? Musical reprise of “Where I belong”




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